The Plant Gallery

We see food creation as an art form. It’s more than just combining flavour and texture on a plate. We strive to bring you food that has meaning and true beauty.

Our inspiration: natural ingredients with nourishing, healing properties.
Our craft: blending a palate of flavours into bright, elegant dishes and powerful food combinations.
Our motivation: to create food for you that will make you feel energised, strong, alive – and full!

The food we craft at The Plant Gallery is for everyone. It’s styled to encourage a new and more educated generation of healthy eating.


The Plant Gallery is about the food.

But when we think of food here, it’s not just about what’s on your plate. It’s about what happens to the food and how it gets to you.

And it’s more than that. It’s the conversation that happens and how people come together over a meal. It’s a lifestyle.

The Plant Gallery makes healthy, nutritious food taste, look and smell delicious by using the freshest ingredients we can source. We’ve learnt the best food comes from finding the best ingredients possible and treating them with respect.

The food we offer is creative and surprising yet satisfying, delicious and nutritionally sound at the same time.


The Plant Gallery is about mindfulness and being aware of what you eat. At the same time, we are great believers that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavour, fun or variety for conscious eating.

The food we serve you all comes from our determination to focus on health and being plant-conscious. We work only with food that is in season so if it’s not growing, it’s not going, and as a result, you’ll see our menu change constantly.

Our environmentally conscious philosophy doesn’t stop with the kitchen though. We’re always seeking new ways to make The Plant Kitchen as sustainable as we can. We compost 100% of our food waste into our worm farms, our furniture is made from recycled timber, and the planter boxes we use in our garden are all derived from crates donated by our local bottle shop.

And of course, keeping it in the community, wherever possible, we source local and organic produce to put on your table.

So, let’s eat!

Our Story

The Plant Gallery isn’t just a restaurant. Our focus is on the community that surrounds us. Eating is so much a part of that, and this is why we want to bring you the very best food we can.

We started out selling our dishes in the local food markets around Sydney. From this experience, we’ve come to understand what it is to be a part of a community and what it takes to build your own.

While you eat, we want you to understand our community and our creativity through the art on our walls. All the paintings you see are by local artists, with all works on display available for purchase.

Above us on the first floor, we have a holistic centre where you’ll find healing and wellbeing treatments, which are all in line with our food philosophy of healthy eating.

We know you’re going to feel the world of good after you’ve eaten your first meal with us. It’s what comes from experiencing the art of healthy eating.