The Plant Gallery

The Plant Gallery represents a change in perspective of what it means to eat healthily. We serve food that looks and tastes incredible, but which also happens to be raw, vegan, free of refined sugars and gluten free.

The food we offer is creative and surprising yet satisfying, delicious and nutritionally sound at the same time.

If you’re too busy to come and stay a while with us, don’t worry. We won’t take it personally. You can still enjoy all our hard work from home. Pop into our restaurant for a takeaway meal or even grab some snacks and ingredients.


The Plant Gallery is all about being mindful of what you eat. At the same time, we are great believers that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavour, fun or variety for conscious eating.

The food we make for you at The Plant Gallery has many virtues. It’s through-the-roof high in the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre associated with raw vegan food.

We’ve worked hard to make The Plant Gallery as sustainable as we can. We use local and organic produce as much as possible. We’re focused on a zero waste policy and a carbon neutral ethos.

The Plant Gallery is a unique artistic space where we serve raw vegan food that’s meant for everyone.

Our Story

The Plant Gallery is the creative culmination of owners Dave and Juan Carlos, who first met in Peru in 2000. However, it wasn’t until 2014, when Dave was back in Peru whilst living in Brazil that he met up with Juan Carlos again.

In his workshop high in the mountains of Cuzco, Juan Carlos introduced Dave to his infused rock salts and the raw vegan delicacies you’re about to experience for yourself.

From Lima and back to Sydney, their adventure to make accessible raw vegan food has brought them to create this unique, artistic space: The Plant Gallery.

Who’s who.

Dave brings to the table the great desire to make a raw vegan dining experience that anyone and everyone will enjoy. The passion, belief and focus Dave has for the amazing food The Plant Gallery serves is inspiring and very empowering. It’s Dave’s energy that drives The Plant Gallery to create dishes that continue to surprise and delight.

His positive attitude makes The Plant Gallery a relaxing, enjoyable experience, while the food nourishes your body and enchants your senses.

Chef Juan Carlos is the creative mastermind in The Plant Gallery’s kitchen. His love and deep understanding of raw vegan food is unquestionable, as are his skills in making some of the most artistic, delicious food you’ll eat.

Having worked in kitchens around the world, Chef Juan Carlos has also studied and trained in Switzerland, where he honed his skills in French and Italian cuisine. This knowledge blends effortlessly with his innate understanding of Peruvian and Asian food crafting.

Why raw vegan?

Why Juan Carlos has focused his career on a raw vegan lifestyle comes from tragic yet inspiring circumstances. When cancer took a close friend, Juan Carlos delved into the significance of nutrition and what a difference avoiding animal products makes to your health.

The more he looked into it, the more Juan Carlos discovered the virtues of working with and eating plant-based unprocessed food. He quickly discovered how this way of eating is so much more beneficial. He noticed how much more energy he had, his clarity of mind and weight loss, and that he was calmer and more relaxed.

Pairing his deep knowledge of food with a love of raw veganism, Juan Carlos is able to create dishes that are not only incredibly rich in nutrients, but that look amazing and taste sublime.

What results is an exquisite tapestry – a work of art on your plate.


All food is measured on the pH scale which shows how acidic or alkali it is. The scale goes from 0-14 with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkali. 7 is pH neutral. Why is this important? Well, your blood is naturally pH neutral. Every time there is an imbalance in your blood’s pH, your lungs, kidneys and liver get to work to fix it.

Having to constantly balance your body’s pH will put stress on these essential organs, which isn’t a good thing. Meat, animal products, high fat, high sugar foods, and complex carbs are acid forming, which puts your body out of kilter.

Raw vegan food sources are pH balanced – especially the crafted dishes we make here. Our type of food helps to stabalise your body’s pH levels and take stress away from your organs and bones.

What does this mean? The more pH-balanced your diet is, the better you’ll feel, the more energy you’ll have and the longer your body will last.

Health Benefits

Eating raw vegan food will:

• balance your body’s pH levels.
• increase energy.
• improve digestion.
• improve your complexion.
• help you lose weight.
• improve your metabolism.
• reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
• increase your mental clarity and attention span.
• reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Here at The Plant Gallery we’re part of a motivating, educating, non-lecture culture. If you have any questions about raw vegan food, please ask us. We love talking about it!